Hello friends! As I’m starting to work on new patterns, I find myself with lots of questions about fit and sizing.  While I use a fairly standardized chart system for drafting, I’d like to know more about your real, actual bodies so I can better serve you. If you have a few minutes, I’d really appreciate getting a few key measurements from you in this survey. It shouldn’t take long (it’s mostly multiple choice), and as a grateful thank you I’ll happily send two print or PDF patterns of your choice to a random winner next week.

If you haven’t taken your measurements in your whole, a great guide to doing so can be found here. Thank you so much!

  • felicia

    How interesting! Will you summarize the result and share it in some way? I’m very curious 🙂

  • Mary

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Hope my input helps. I’ve admired your work for a while now.

    Something you could consider would be back zipped capris/shorts that have several different hemming options. Tabbed with a cuff and button, or curved finish with tone on tone satin bias tape, classic squared off hem slits, fake fly front option, fake or real front pocket options.

    Alternatively, if you wanted to reach a market that likes to stretch themselves…. something bias. Please not just a skirt.

    • There are NO bias patterns – that’s a great suggestion!

  • Julie

    Why is 30″ missing from options for underbust and waist? I picked the next measurement up?

    • Sorry Julie – typo! Thansk for pointing it out, I just fixed it.

      • Julie

        Thanks. Way to reinforce a lady’s sense of her own oddness! ;P

  • Done! 🙂

  • Aura Oriano

    Oooh, this was a good excuse to re-measure! Wracked my brain on what pattern I wish existed. That took the most time for the survey! Hope that you share your results from that portion of the survey!

  • Siobhan

    I love surveys like this because it means pattern companies are taking a real interest in how their designs fit real people.
    There was one measurement missing which I feel is important to a good fit: a measure of belly protrusion (is that a word?). I know it’s something Lekala/Bootstrap take into account on their patterns. I mention it cos I have an abnormally large tum which means I have difficulty fitting clothes in that area. It seems to be something that most pattern companies miss as many patterns are basically flat over the stomach, whereas even the slimmest woman has a slightly rounded abdomen. And I’m sure it’s a concern for women who have had children too. The more curves I see accommodated for in a pattern (eg back, bust, tum, hips, bum) the more I think the pattern is drafted to fit an average woman whose body has all those curves.

    • I will totally keep this is in mind going forward! Thanks Siobhan.

  • Kathryn

    I really, really want to see what a Closet Case blazer would look like, as well as a button shirt/dress.
    And, one pattern I have been DYING for (besides a decent slip, which is covered well enough by vintage repro companies) is tights. You have more than proven yourself with close-fitting stretch patterns, and I would completely trust a tights pattern from your brain.

    • Kathryn

      Oh, I feel I should clarify: I yearn for tights, not leggings. Though a legging option would be great. But I’m talking full-on tights, with feet. 😉

  • Jessica Malcolm

    I just did it:) ppplllleeeeeeease make a bra pattern!! I love your patterns and I’d love a bra one from you!!

  • Done. My dream pattern is a bit weird – a slim fit stretch trouser with different crotch curve options…..

    • That’s actually brilliant… if there was a way to determine what you crotch shape was BEFORE you started making them!

      • A girl can dream! I keep meaning to get one of those flexible rulers and see if that helps me!

  • Hélène

    Speaking of weird suggestions for a new pattern, here’s mine : hats. I love those big fabric hats Carolyn from Handmade Carolyn is wearing on her pictures at the beach, but I’ve also spotted a little fedora hat pattern for children. I think there’s no hat patterns for grown-ups on the indie pattern scene. Yet.

    • Inez von Sivers

      Check out Nicole Mallalieu of YOU SEW GIRL. She has some great patterns – bags, garments, AND Hats.
      I’ve made a couple of her patterns and the instructions are very precise.

    • Hilariously, this is something I’ve thought about 😉

  • Carolyn Carr

    I have been a fan of Jalie 2908 jeans for about 5 years and I did not think they could be beat. I always use Debbie Cook’s tutorial for the fly and I did not think that could be beat. But Heather I bought your Ginger Jeans pattern as soon as it came out in paper and I am in awe. I always say that I can sew anything if I have a pattern but I have no design skills. It blows my mind how you have designed this pattern and are so specific with your instructions. You don’t miss any details and I love that. I am in love with the zip fly instructions. I don’t know if you are familiar with Not Your Daughter Jeans but these are almost identical. I try to alter the Jalie to have the pocket stay and thank God you include this is your pattern. I add cover stitching to the stays for design. One thing that I am trying to alter on your pattern is the waist because my hips are 42″ and my waist is 31″. I finished a wearable muslin and have started on my second pair and its such a fun make. I know I being too wordy but I am just amazed with what you have done with this pattern. You look so very young but I keep saying that you must be a genius!

    • Carolyn, what an AWESOME comment to see this morning! Thank you so much! Seems like grading between the 12 and 14 shouldn’t be too complicated for you… You could probably also get away with making a straight 12 if you like a very slim fit!

      • Carolyn Carr

        Heather how exciting to get your response. You are so wise because I was thinking about trying size 12 the next time instead of the 14 that I used. I wished that I lived next door to you so that I could learn half of what you seem to know! The next pattern that I anxious to try is the Carolyn pajamas. I have seen those reviewed on PR and they look fabulous. Keep doing what you do. You are a design genius plus you know how to convey that in your instructions.

  • pazzia

    i already filled out the form and blanked a little when it came to what patterns i want to see more of. i would love to be able to make this.. my pattern altering skills can’t quite do it, i don’t think. also anything with a v-neck. i want all the v-necks!

  • This probably isn’t your arena as you seem to work with pear shapes more, but I really would love to see someone designing clothes for my rectangle body type! I’m a 36-30-36 and my hip points are the same width around as my butt, so everything I wear just slides right off my frame. It’s really aggravating and I know a lot of women with the same problem.