Way, way, WAAAAY back in November I did a little happy dance of joy when I won Debi’s Pattern Pyramid giveaway. There was a little minx of a 70’s pattern I had my eye on and after a long trip from Scotland, a padded envelope filled with said pattern and assorted other treats arrived at my office. However… when it did arrive my pattern collection was packed up and awaiting my move, and since I wanted to add a few from my stash the Pattern Pyramid scheme went unloved and untouched until now.

But now we can get this train back on track. Here is the baby I am keeping (my love for the 70’s is fierce and uncompromising):

So here is what is left in the Pyramid:

And here is what I am adding to the mix from my own stash:

Please leave a comment below with your pattern of choice (along with your blog address and email address) and I will randomly choose a new Pyramider next Tuesday,  March 12. I am happy to mail internationally – when you receive the package simply take the one you want and ship it to the next lucky duck.

Bonne chance!

  • Ah, I wish! I occasionally tumblr my work, but alas haven’t found time to blog my designs or build a following….is it possible to do the giveaway via a proxy blog? I have plenty of vintage patterns to add to the stash (i know, probably not, just wishful thinking!)

  • Fun!!! I have my eye on the alma blouse pattern

  • Ohh wow, please enter me in the draw, there are so many great patterns there! I love the Vogue 7588 or the Sewaholic pattern.

  • I would so take the alma from sewaholic

  • Amy of Sew Well

    To be so lucky to win such a fun bunch of sewing patterns! You’d think from the oodles of Pattern Pyramid giveaways going on all over the world I’d have won one by now, but, alas, the luck has gone to everyone else. I love Sewaholic Patterns – their fit, especially the tops, is good for me – but I’m also tempted by Vogue 7693 and Simplicity 6276. Do we have to choose just one right now?! Let me dream about all of them for the week. If I were to win, I promise I would narrow down my choice to just one… amy.ahearta at gmail dot com /

  • carmencitab

    I think I would give Sewaholic a try

  • sallieforrer

    That 70’s pattern you chose is the shit. THE SHIT! How can you beat that?? I think I’m really feeling the 70’s again. I don’t know anything about the Pattern Pyramid except that it keeps popping up on my favorite blogs and every time it does I’m like, what IS that?? But anyway – in the spirit of the 70’s – if this little bundle were to meander my way I would snag either that cross-back-dress-Syle-number or the safari-jacket-of-my-dreams – also a Style pattern.

  • LeighAnn Phillips

    I would definitely pick the sewaholic blouse pattern. It’s so versatile!

  • Anne Franklin Lamar

    I hadn’t heard of the pattern pyramid or your blog until today when I saw them mentioned over at My Happy Sewing place. So happy to be introduced to both! As far as the patterns go, the Vogue 7588 is just plain lovely.

  • Mary Maryall

    I also want to dream a little bit longer 🙂 and choose later, if I am lucky enough to. Love all of these patterns 🙂 Thank you!

  • Sarah Dyer

    Oh, the vogue is so pretty! plus this is a great idea, I have two huge boxes full of my grandma’s patterns that need to find a new homes, so adding them to a pyramid would be cool!

  • Oh no, you took the one I’ve been dreaming about! Enjoy it! Still plenty of amazing other patterns though, and I think I’m loving the Sewaholic pattern the best.

  • Ginny

    Ooh that 1950s Vogue is lovely, please count me in!

  • thequirkypeach

    This pattern pyramid is a great idea!!! If i had to only pick one…. it would probably be the Alma blouse, or your new Simplicity 7863 🙂 Love the collar and bow!

  • I’ll admit, I came here from My Happy Sewing Place but it’s a pleasure to find your corner of the internet! I’m all about Vogue 7588 but it’d be a tough choice! I’d have to peruse them carefully to be sure.

  • Emma-Louise

    Oh my goodness, the Vogue 7588 would just make my life. I would copy it down and send it onto another of its adoring fans!
    my blog is 🙂

  • Cherise

    Oijoijoi, I love the Vogue 7588! I believe it would make my life a little more complete 😉

  • Laura Mae

    I just love Vogue 7588 – I don’t believe I have ever come across a 50s Vogue pattern I did not like!

  • I also love the vogue 7588…such a timeless classic! I would love to take part in the pyramid as I am admittedly obsessed with patterns!

    My blog is wedding themed of late as I get married in 2 weeks time but I can’t wait to get back to my sewing projects as soon as I have more time.

  • Lise

    So many lovely choices! But my eye keeps going back to the Vogue wrap dress. I haven’t tried sewing with knits yet, so this would be a good project for me!

  • Nessa

    I’d love to be in the running to become a part of the Pattern Pyramid extravaganza! I like the vintage vogue 7588 dress, as well as the Sewaholic blouse and even the Simplicity 6276. Aaah!! Too many goodies to choose from – I’d have to see them in my hot little hands to be able to choose properly!

  • Debra J Webb

    great selection of modern, retro and vintage patterns! I would love to win and sew the Style 2697 dress and jacket pattern but I also love the Vogue wrap dress V7693 pattern! Blessings! <3 ;-} @heartsonnet

  • Lisptick Jane

    Oh … I love the vintage vogue pattern.

  • Annie S

    Simplicity 60’s two piece all the way either dress or skirt combo, classics! please enter me in the draw

  • rosiewednesday

    Love that Vogue 7588!

  • Julia Gooding

    I just love love that Vogue 7588! Don’t know where I could wear it though.. I like the other Vogue too..

  • Oh how can I let that 50s Vogue go unwanted. It’s just so cute. Please count me in.

  • Laura

    A cute collection!

  • D’ellis

    I like the relaxed jacket in Style 2697 – what a great cover-up for the dress – perfect on humid & hot summer days!

    I feel your moving pains – just did the same thing.


  • Brigid

    I love Vogue 7588! So very elegant!

    My Blog address is:

    and my email is: brigid(dot)boyer(at)mac(dot)com

  • Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns

    Oh, Vogue 7588 is definitely my favorite!

  • Rachel

    I’m probably the last person on Earth who hasn’t tried a Sewaholic pattern, but I have been wanting one for a while so that’s my choice! Cool giveaway idea!

  • Lucinda Campbell

    I’m loving the beach-babe vibe of McCall’s 4116! Plus the girls look so happy on the envelope cover

    My blog:
    Email: sewwrongblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Hanne

    Vogue 5788 is whispering my name… Would be awesome!

  • Mandi Black

    I just found your blog via Pinterest and your AWESOME new swim suit. Wondering how to get added to this pattern pyramid. I see some lovely patterns I would love to try.