If you’ve ever wanted to come learn how to make jeans in person (I give lots of pep talks and will rip the seam ripper out of your hands), you’re in luck this spring as I’ll be teaching across the US. Hopefully one of these sewing studios is near you!

If the listing isn’t yet available on the website, I suggest contacting the studio and booking a spot since workshops tend to sell out quickly due to limited seating. Hopefully I’ll see you in person soon!

  • Cadi

    I’m fan-girl dying that you’re coming to Oakland – I will SO be there!

  • lk

    Aww, bummer! You’re in town a week before my wedding, I’ll be a tad busy in what I only assume will be last minute wedding and flowergirl dress sewing!

    • Oh that’s too bad but congratulations! And hope you don’t loser your mind that week 😉

  • Oh heck yeah! Oakland! I will be there! I’m going to head to aVfKW during lunch today and get on the list!

  • You’re coming to Oakland! I’m there. Gotta step up my sewing technique before May 🙂

    • Yes! At the bare least we need to hang out when I’m in town 😉

      • Absolutely! I have a few cocktail spots I can recommend…

  • Caroline

    So I’m in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I don’t think there are ANY indie sewing shops here, but I bet they exist in New Orleans. If you ever make it as far down as Louisiana to do a workshop I will 1) sign up immediately, 2) make sure you get all of the delicious food and point you towards all of amazing/bizarre cultural treasures here. Just sayin’.

  • Sienna

    I hope I can get on this list for the AVfKW workshop!

  • Jessamy B

    I’m so excited to meet you in a few weeks at Stitch in VA! Even more excited for you to help me with the main question I’ve been pondering as I decide which view gingers to make…Can short waisted people really wear high waisted jeans?? We’ll soon find out!

    • Haha yes! They aren’t *that* high waisted so you should totally be fine (ie. waistband at your underwire haha )

  • Amelie

    Will you be making a work shop in Montreal soon?

  • Venita

    Excited about the Oakland class. I’m practically around the corner from the location. How do sign up?

  • Denise

    Fingers crossed for a workshop in Detroit or Chicago!

  • Yavanna Reynolds

    I’m really excited about the Oakland class. Verb doesn’t have it up for registration yet, but I hope to snag a spot as soon as it is available. I KNEW there was a reason I hadn’t sewn my Ginger’s up yet!

  • I can’t wait until you make it back to Seattle! I’d love to take a class in making the Ginger jeans.