New Year, New Bra // A Red Lace Watson Bra

Few things bum me out as much as the current state of my bra drawer; it’s more depressing (and only slightly less painful) than a trip to the dentist. I’m not sure what happened, but basically all of my me-made lingerie gave up the ghost at the exact same time, and as a result, I’ve been wearing a lot of stretched out, limp, unappealing specimens that really just need to be thrown out (after harvesting for parts, natch).

This red lace print Watson bra was part of my News Years Boobolutions. My goal is to make and add a new one into the rotation once a month or so; I think I will be able to extend the lifespan of my bras if I am not wearing the same handful over and over again, day in and day out.

red-lace-spandex-watson-bra-by-cloth-habit-2 red-lace-spandex-watson-bra-by-cloth-habit-3

I’ve made this pattern so many times (you can see the ones I’ve posted here) but I’m not tired of it yet. It’s really the perfect day-to-day bra for my lifestyle; it has enough support to keep things in place, but is much easier to wear all day long than an underwired one. They have their place, of course, but soft bras are definitely my go-to when I’m not aiming for any kind of structured shape.

The fabric is leftover from our Sophie swimsuit kits from the summer; it’s a printed swim lycra with a romantic black and red lace print. I used some pretty satin piping elastic along the cups and I love how clean and neat it looks. I recently stocked up on the motherload of lingerie fixins, and I’m glad I bought this piping in dyeable white, since I also have a growing stash of acid dyes for all my notions. I’ve been scheming some fun colour combinations.

red-lace-spandex-watson-bra-by-cloth-habit-14 red-lace-spandex-watson-bra-by-cloth-habit-9

Construction wise, the only change I made was to substitute my typical zig zag stitch for the triple zig zag. I’ve avoided it in the past because it’s such a wide and “obvious” stitch, but you can barely see it with the busyness of the print. I’m curious to see if it holds up better over time.

I shortened the band a little, since the longline as drafted is just a wee bit too long for me. I also tried inserting some flexible boning into channelling along the side seams, to help prevent the band elastic from riding up. It helped along the sides, but the front still has a tendency to push up towards the bridge. I think you just have to accept that as a feature of longline bras, unless you sew boning into the center of the bridge to stabilize it all the way around. Frankly I’m not sure that would be particularly comfortable.

red-lace-spandex-watson-bra-by-cloth-habit-14 red-lace-spandex-watson-bra-by-cloth-habit-18

Naturally I am already breaking my Boobolutions by wearing this a little too much without rotating, but she already has some new friends, and I have a few more bras in various degrees of completion. I feel confidant I am going to give my girls their best year yet!

Otherwise, any suggestions for alternative soft bra patterns? I think it it might be time to give something else a shot!

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